Lobster claw snap hook:

Lobster claw snap hooks are suitable for fixed collars and are used for our leashes. You can choose between silver, gold and rose gold.



Of course, we also offer very small lobster claw snap hooks for dogs up to approx. 8 kg and rope up to 8mm. These are available in gold, silver and rose gold.

Snap hook carabiner:

NEW in stock are our noble snap hook carabiners in gold and silver. After being asked repeatedly about an alternative to the normal lobster claw snap hook, we decided to add these carabiners to our product range.

Snap hook carabiners are exclusively used for collars and go with every rope, no matter the thickness.  


Please note: 2,00€ extra charge

Inglefield clips:

Inglefield clips are exclusively for fixed collars and because of their size can only be used on rope up to 8mm.


You can choose between gold and silver.