You can choose these climbing ropes only for a short time:


Climbing ropes:

Climbing ropes are extremely robust and durable.

We have 8mm and 10mm climbing ropes in stock. You can find the thickness of the ropes on the bottom right of the images.


For all small dogs with a neck circumference of approx. 30cm we recommend ropes up to 9mm.


Our climbing ropes are only available in the specified strengths.

Glittery ropes:

Other ropes:

Almost all of the following ropes are in stock in 8mm and 10mm. You find the available thickness on the bottom right of the images.

We recommend our 8mm ropes for all small dogs up to 30cm neck circumference. The ropes in 10mm are perfect for large dogs.


These ropes are softer and lighter than climbing ropes. It's just as stable, but a little more sensitive than climbing rope due to the softer surface.

If you are looking for a soft and light product, these ropes are the perfect choice. If you are looking for something extremely robust, you should rather decide for a climbing rope.