Leather Collection

Anything we offer can be personalized by you. You can choose the leather, the colour of the rigging and metal fittings according to your own taste. Further specialization like longer leashes are possible after consultation.


Pull over collar

Due to the ring that will be adjusted to your dog’s neck girth, it will be impossible for your dog to strangle himself when pulling on the leash. To put on and off, the collar can simply be pulled over the head and fits your dog’s neck perfectly without being too tight or loose. 


You can choose between 10mm & 16mm leather.

Adjustable Collar

This collar is adjustable by an integrated leather adapter - ideal for young dogs that are still growing.



The collar is adjustable by about 5 cm.

Slip collar

The slip collar can simply be pulled over your dog’s neck and lies gentle around the neck.

For dogs that normally don’t need a collar, but should have the possibility to be taken on a leash in emergency cases. If so, easily apply the leash to the ring.


You can choose between 10mm & 16mm leather.




Adjustable leash (1,4m)

Our 2-way adjustable leather leash allows you to adjust the length of the leash in 2 different versions. Both ends are fitted with a carabiner. The rings for hooking the carabiner can not be moved.


You can choose between 10mm & 16mm leather.  

Retrieverleash Leather + Rope

A Retrieverleash is perfect for you, if you prefer to take your dog off the leash fast and simple.


The end of the leash provides an integrated collar of leather, which has to be pulled over your dog’s head and just like the pull over collar has a ring to prevent strangulation in case of pulling on the leash.


You can shift the ring individually and therefore adjust it to your dog’s neck girth.



You can choose between 10mm & 16mm leather.