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Suitable for all dog breeds

The diverse Rudelwohl range not only varies in appearance but also offers specific materials tailored for small dogs. In addition to suitable ropes, Rudelwohl provides small carabiners designed for smaller dog breeds.

Comparison of Sailing Rope Thickness: 8 mm vs 10 mm

I recommend using ropes up to a maximum thickness of 8.5 mm for collars on small dogs (neck circumference up to 30 cm). Since the ropes are doubled in almost all collar models, thicker ropes would appear too bulky on a narrow dog's neck.

For larger dogs, the rope thickness can be a matter of preference, but leash control should be considered. For very large dogs (neck circumference 45 cm and above), I recommend using ropes with a thickness of 10 mm or more.

At Rudelwohl, you'll find extra small carabiners designed specifically for collars and leashes for mini dogs. However, these are only suitable for dogs up to 8 kg in weight. The mini carabiners are compatible exclusively with ropes up to 8.5 mm in thickness and leather up to 10 mm in width.

Comparison of Carabiner Sizes
Für Klein und Groß: Produkte
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