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Greased leather

At Rudelwohl, the greased leather is vegetable-tanned and sourced exclusively from Germany. Its buttery soft texture ensures a smooth feel in hand.

The leather thickness ranges between 3.5 and 4.0 mm.

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Leather with pattern

Exclusively available in 20 mm width.

Available in the shop as leather collar 'Africa'.

The leather is also ideal for adjustable rope collars with leather adapters and rope leashes with leather elements. However, this variant can only be ordered via email, as it is not officially available in the shop.

Cowhide leather with an appliquéd wildlife design made of synthetic fiber. The leather is 4 mm thick and pleasantly soft.

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Care instructions

To ensure long-lasting enjoyment of your Rudelwohl products and to avoid damage, I recommend removing them before water exposure and vigorous play. Leather should not be submerged in water as it can shorten its lifespan and affect its appearance.

Regular maintenance with colorless leather conditioner or beeswax helps protect the leather.

Fatty leather may initially bleed color, especially with intense shades like black or red, but this typically diminishes over time.

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