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The 2-in-1 coupling leash - your must-have as a multiple dog owner!

Double the fun, zero tangling: The Rudelwohl coupling leash is the ideal solution for walking two dogs at the same time. With just one dog leash, you retain full control over your dogs and experience relaxed walks without the two pieces of leash getting tangled up, thanks to the clever swivel system. The leash is also equipped with robust bolt snap hooks.

Available in 2 versions - the choice is yours! Either with a short lead, which can also be used individually as a short lead, or as a practical shoulder option with a longer lead, perfect for comfortable crossover carrying for free hands when walking the dog.

Dimensions of the coupling leash with short lead:

  •  Coupling pieces: 80 cm length per dog
  •  Short lead: 40 cm for direct guidance.
  •  Total length of the leash: 120 cm, for comfortable handling and control.

Dimensions of the coupling leash for hanging:

  •  Coupling pieces: 80 cm length per dog
  •  Shoulder strap: 75 cm perfect for hanging
  •  Total length of the leash: 155 cm ideal for hands-free walks.

No matter which variant of the coupling leash you choose - thanks to the practical carabiner, you can use both the short leash or the shoulder strap separately as a dog leash if necessary.

Attention: Oiled leather can initially discolour slightly, especially intense colours such as black or red. However, this will subside after a short time.

Double leash for 2 dogs

PriceFrom €75.90
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  • The double leash is also available in a mini version for dogs up to 8 kg, with extra small carabiners suitable for rope thicknesses up to 9 mm. If you prefer the mini version, please specify this in the shopping cart under "Add a note".

    No stainless steel fittings available in mini size.

  • 20 - 30 business days

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