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Wrapping color (up to 3 colors possible)

The double adjustable rope leash allows you to customize the length to suit your dog's needs. Carabiners are attached at both ends of this dog leash.

You can easily adjust the rings for hooking the carabiners along the knots of the leash at any time. This gives you full flexibility to find the perfect position for you and your dog.

The dog leash is 2 meters long in total, providing your dog with enough room to move while you maintain control.

Suitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes. 

Double adjustable rope leash

PriceFrom €52.00
Hardware color
  • This leash is also available with extra small carabiners for small dogs. However, these are only suitable for weights up to 8kg and are available only for ropes up to 8mm thickness!

    If mini fittings are desired, please specify this along with the rope material.

    All colors except stainless steel are available in mini.

  • 20 - 30 business days

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