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A more detailed overview of the leather colors can be found here.

The handmade name collar from Rudelwohl – crafted from the finest greased leather and available in a wide range of captivating colors!

Add your personal touch: Customize the collar to your liking with your dog’s name or a special word, precisely engraved into the leather.

Multiple design options: Choose from 4 different font styles to make the collar unique. Note that umlauts are only available with fonts 2 "Standard" and 4 "Lovely". In font 3 "Style," the "o" is represented as a heart.

Flexibly adjustable: The collar offers an adjustment of about 5 cm, making it perfect for growing young dogs.

For dogs of all sizes: With two different leather widths, this collar is suitable for both small and large dogs.

Size recommendations:

- S: Leather width 20 mm - for small and medium-sized dogs

- M: Leather width 30 mm - for dogs with a neck circumference up to 44 cm

- L: Leather width 30 mm - for dogs with a neck circumference of 45 cm and above

Special details: The wide 3 cm variant tapers to 2 cm at the buckle, preventing it from looking too bulky.

Measurement instructions: Please follow the measurement guide to determine the optimal size for your dog collar.

Name collar "Pure"

PriceFrom €35.90
Hardware color
Leather color
  • 20 - 30 business days

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