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The fixed rope leash: Practical, fixed length, with hand loop!

This dog leash impresses with its non-adjustable length of 1.4 meters and a comfortable hand strap that makes holding it particularly pleasant.

Thanks to the clever design, the hand strap has a small ring that allows you to easily hang the leash over your shoulder after unleashing.

This way, your hands are free and your faithful four-legged friend can romp around carefree.

The total length of this leash is a comfortable 1.4 meters and offers you the perfect balance between freedom of movement and control.

Fixed leash with hand loop

PriceFrom €45.00
Hardware color
  • The leash is also available with extra small snap hooks for very small dogs. However, these are only suitable for dogs up to a weight of 8 kg and are only available for ropes up to 8 mm thick!

    If mini fittings are required, please specify this in addition to the rope.

    All colors except stainless steel are available in Mini.

  • 20 - 30 Werktage

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