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Retriever leash with integrated slip collar | Easy on and off for your dog.

The retriever leash is the perfect companion when you want to quickly and easily leash and unleash your dog.

At the end of the leash, there is an integrated slip collar that is pulled over your dog's head similar to a slip collar.

Thanks to the slip feature, choking is prevented when there is tension on the leash.

You have the option of choosing between a movable knot slip stop or a ring stopper to adjust the leash individually to your dog's neck circumference.

Please note that moving the ring stopper may require some force, whereas the knot slip stop can be easily released and repositioned.

The dog leash is 1.5 meters long and offers you practical functionality for relaxed walks with your dog. 

Retriever leash

  • 20 - 30 business days

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