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The adjustable retriever leash "Leather + Rope" - A perfect blend of style and functionality

High-quality material mix: Discover the perfect combination of soft greased leather and sturdy rope. This retriever leash not only offers an appealing design mix but also durability and comfort for your four-legged companion.

Easy handling: Ideal for quick attachment and detachment. Simply slip over your dog's head and you're ready to secure the leash.

Dual adjustability: Adjust the length of the leash as needed, thanks to the rings cleverly integrated into the rope and adjustable knots.

Innovative collar design: Similar to a slip collar, the leather end of the leash is pulled over your dog's head for easy and secure handling. The adjustable dee ring in the leather prevents choking and adjusts flexibly to your dog's neck size - ideal for puppies and young dogs that are still growing.

Optimal length: The leash is 2 meters long, providing your dog with enough freedom while allowing you to maintain control.

Retriever leash leather + rope, adjustable in 2 places

PriceFrom 55,90 €
Leather color
  • 20 - 30 business days

  • Upon request, it's also possible to use bolt snap hooks instead of trigger snap hooks! Please simply include this preference in your order.

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