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The 2-way adjustable leash for relaxed walks with your hands free!

The shoulder leash is the ideal solution to free up your hands while walking. With its unique adaptability, it offers comfort and flexibility. Adjustable to your upper body, it allows you to carry it effortlessly over your shoulder so you can move freely and carefree with your dog.


  •  2-way adjustability: adapts perfectly to your needs.
  •  Sliding rings: Allow quick adjustments to the length of the leash.
  •  Generous length: At 2.4 meters, it offers enough room for your dog without compromising comfort.

Why a lanyard?

  •  Freedom and comfort : Keep your hands free and enjoy relaxed walks.
  •  Adaptability : The adjustable rings offer flexibility depending on your needs.
  •  Durability : High quality material for long-lasting use.

The Rudelwohl shoulder leash not only offers the freedom you need, but also the safety and control over your four-legged friend. It is perfect for walks in the park, on hikes or on your daily walk.

Optimal comfort for you and your dog. Experience it now!

Crossbody dog leash

PriceFrom €55.00
Hardware color
  • The leash is also available with extra small snap hooks for very small dogs. However, these are only suitable for a weight of up to 8 kg and are only available for ropes up to 8 mm thick!

    If mini fittings are required, please specify this in addition to the rope.

    All colors except stainless steel are available in Mini.

  • 20 - 30 Werktage

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