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ICE BLUE - A stunning climbing rope in vibrant ice blue.

The 8 mm thick climbing rope "Ice Blue" is suitable for both small and large dogs.

The unique combination with wrapping in enchanting baby blue and bright turquoise gives this combo a charming look.

The collar "Leather x Climbing Rope ICE BLUE" is adjustable.

Here, butter-soft turquoise oiled leather is combined with the rope.

Available in 3 widths:

  • 16 mm for small dogs
  • 20 mm and 30 mm for larger dogs

The leash "Leather x Rope ICE BLUE" is double adjustable and has a length of 2 meters.

Both ends of the leash are equipped with a snap hook. The ring in the rope section can be adjusted at any time using the knot. This allows for individual length adjustment.

Note: If you want to order a set, please add the desired collar and leash separately to the cart.


PriceFrom €49.90
  • Here is a measurement guide for you:

  • The leash is also available with extra small carabiners for very small dogs. However, these are only suitable for weights up to 8 kg!

    If mini fittings are desired, please specify this when ordering.

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