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Adjustable retriever leash with integrated anti-pull collar | Flexible leashing and unleashing for your dog.

Enjoy even more flexibility on your walks with the adjustable retriever leash from Rudelwohl.

The rings for hooking the carabiner can be moved at any time using the knots, allowing you to easily adapt the leash to your needs. For example, tie it around your waist or wear it casually as a shoulder leash around your upper body.

The reliable pull stop prevents your dog from strangling when pulling on the leash.

You can choose between a freely selectable knot stop or a bar ring to individually adjust the leash to your dog's neck circumference.

Please note that moving the bridge ring may require some force, while the knot stop can be easily loosened and repositioned if necessary.

Experience the versatile uses of this adjustable retriever leash - with a length of 2 meters, it offers you enough freedom for shared adventures!

Retriever leash, adjustable in two places

PriceFrom €52.90
Hardware color
  • The leash is also available with extra small snap hooks for very small dogs. However, these are suitable only for dogs weighing up to 8 kg and are compatible with ropes up to 8 mm in thickness.

    If mini fittings are desired, please specify this in addition to the rope selection. All colors except stainless steel are available in mini size.

  • 20 - 30 business days

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