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"NEONORANGE" - A vibrant color combo in bright orange!

With this luminous combination, your dog will undoubtedly stand out on every walk.

The wrapping is made from high-quality cognac leather, providing a warm yet exciting contrast to the bold neon orange rope. This gives the color combo a subtle elegance, ensuring your dog is always stylish on the go.

The climbing rope has a thickness of 10 mm, ensuring durability and safety, keeping your dog well-protected in every situation.

Various hardware options are available, allowing you to choose between shiny brass, elegant rose gold, or timeless silver, according to your personal taste.

For the adjustable collar, the leather adapter will be crafted in cognac.

Leashes come standard with a bolt snap hook, but I also offer the option of a trigger snap hook. If you prefer a trigger snap hook, please specify during the ordering process.

Note: If you wish to order a set, please add the desired collar and leash separately to your cart.


PriceFrom €39.90
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